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Web Site Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Take your web site to a higher level with Greg Schaale Design, LLC! We optimize your site for better search engine ranking. Why spend valuable dollars on Pay Per Click when you can have Search Engine Optimization applied to your website? SEO is a long term, cost effective solution, and we work with you, as a team, to effectively position your website with search engines, maximize visits, and drive the right customers to your site. Greg Schaale Design supports small to mid-size businesses in Williamsburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Gloucester, Norfolk, Surry, Prince George, Smithfield, and Isle of Wight.

 At Greg Schaale Design we track the traffic on the website Greg Schaale Design can drive more traffic through the image search!Multiple Hits per domain - Multiple domains is another solution. 

Click Here for more information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other services offered by Greg Schaale Design, LLC..

Custom & Template-Based Website Designs

Greg Schaale Design, LLC, specializes in creating custom websites and template-based websites designed to take your business to the next level. Each website is designed with SEO in mind. Greg Schaale Design has a graphic design staff that can create a custom logo or produce art to enhance your website and we offer print resources for a complete marketing package.

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Build Your Own Strategic Marketing Plan!
You canít effectively advertise your business without a Marketing Plan. A formal, written plan will keep you focused and help you avoid costly mistakes. Keep the plan simple Ė it should be no longer than one typed page - and refer to it often.

Look at our sample plan. Itís designed for a fitness company, but illustrates the way a marketing plan should read. Each topic has been linked to a page that explains details defining specific areas of your business.

The Basics Defined:
Mission Statement
Competitive Advantage
Target Audience
Marketing Tools
Defined Niche
Desired Identity

For a more detailed view of your Competitive Advantage, do a SWOT Analysis (A strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a business project).

After youíve reviewed our sample, open our PDF Marketing Plan file and add your data. Your finished plan will print as a single page report ready for presentation.

What's Next? Make an Action Plan!

After specifying all the points in your Marketing Plan, you should have a good idea of your vantage point. Begin listing all the areas that need to be addressed, then put them in order of priority. You canít do everything at once, so attack the most important problems or those issues that will make the most impact in your business. Take a look at our Sample Action Plan to get a better idea for your business.

Contact us to discuss your business .  We can write a Marketing Plan, build your web site, or manage your advertising. 
Cell: (757) 784-3332

Greg Schaale Design, LLC,  specializes in graphic design, print advertising, and  website design that is optimized for higher visibility to search engine spiders like Google, MSN, and Yahoo,  We provide support to businesses in Richmond, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Surry, Isle of Wight, Smithfield, and Prince George

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Contact us to discuss your business and
learn how we can help you with your
marketing. We can write a Marketing Plan,
build your web site, or manage
your advertising. 

 (757) 784-3332

Small Business - Why you need a
Marketing Facilitator!
  For a small business, outsourcing your marketing projects can be one of your most lucrative financial moves. You will eliminate the need for providing benefits to additional employees and aren't taxed by providing compensation when
employees are idle.

Web Site Delivers
5 to 1

over conventional methods.
See the Fitness USA comparison against returns from their Retail Counter Display Lead Boxes.

Special royalty free mapping software available for custom designed maps.

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